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Channeling the Adult Playground: A History of Rave Fashion

Since ravers first hit the club scene in late-1980s Europe, fashion trends have changed drastically. Early DJs such as Paul Oakenfold brought the atmosphere and sound to European clubs from vacations in Ibiza, which was a unique combination of Baleric from the islands and modern Europop from home. Clubbers wore designer outfits and hung around the bar to be seen but …

music lover style + design

ICYMI // The Diary of Lunarismoon: A Rave Fashion Virgin

I’ve been to raves and countless shows but never such a huge production like the Electric Daisy Carnival in Las Vegas. My first time at EDC (only last year) I was so in awe of the entire scene that I felt a little out of place in my non-fantastical crop tops and cutoff jeans. I knew I needed to embrace the entire culture under the electric sky and go big this year. With the help of Tiny Dancer and encouragement from my rave booty-making workouts, I felt like I was ready to pop that cherry.