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Bloodied Faces and Fireflies at the Long Beach Folk Revival Fest

His tall, 78-year-old unstable body rocked and jerked as he playfully crooned “That’s What She Said Last Night” to the crowd. With a bloodied face, the Texas country music singer and songwriter Billy Joe Shaver looked me right in the eye as I snapped a photo. He sang with passion as rumors started rumbling in the crowd that his delay to the stage was because he fell earlier that day.

beth project

The Beth Project: Chapter 1, Vol. 2

Beth paused for a second before she saved the file as March 2021 // Beth Project 37Z-9A6. Leaning back in the chair she took a deep, slow breath to try to ease her nerves. Her anxious hands cupped her own face and rubbed her eyes in circular motions. She imagined a large rubber band compressing her head in a half-ass fight to shut the voices out. Before long the almost-quiet whirring of Monie came into focus through an open pathway in the rubber.


Notes from Gaiman’s ‘Norse Mythology’ Featuring Ancient Aliens, Odin’s Ass Mead and Zombies

The Vikings left us with their own set of myths and gods (much to the chagrin of Greek and Roman academia), and a significant mark on the English language. I picked up Neil Gaiman’s playful Norse Mythology this spring because I was looking for something light and snackable to digest during some work travel. “Greek myths are full of sex and peacocks,” Gaiman told the audience at a recent book reading. “There’s lots of sitting outside and falling in love with your own reflection. No one’s doing that in Norse mythology. You sit outside in the winter, you’re dead,” he said.