BREAKING NEWS: Everyone is Watching the Oscars (Arts) Right Now

Everyone is watching the Oscars right now – not because it’s an entertaining evening of television (because it normally is not) – but because they want to know what great movies came out this past year. And not because there is suddenly an influx of film critics in the States. It’s because we want to escape en masse. Like, now.

In the next four years I predict better screenplays, more emotion, sights that knock down borders and crazy fun in the film industry. And that’s true for most of the arts, too, especially music. (Yes I enjoy a comma splice for style, my friends.) Music! It’s time we start creating new, politically and confusion-filled songs. I want to hear ghosts of Sex Pistols past screaming their reaction against tendencies towards the mainstream.

I want to hear super low-level, insanely deep bass mindfuck the zombies right out of their sickness.

And if you aren’t watching, you should be.

I’ll tell you what’s going to happen. I’m not exactly talking about some Dada movement of anarchy (Unless you’re Dada Life, of course), I’m talking about a general movement to enrich the arts. As you know, history likes to repeat herself and take a swing at the pendulum when it’s time to make the shift. I can’t think of any other time than now. So we’re going to hear better music with stronger lyrics, watch fashion morph to a major level of expression and see films that you eerily identify with. Comedy is going to get dirtier than it already is, and crime will enhance all of our senses in the most bittersweet way.

Those blue ACLU ribbons are just the beginning (and just great PR) of four creatively-spiked years. Heads up!


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