Calling all Semicolon Haters

Whether you hate semicolons (like me!) or love them, there’s some recent discussion online about the use of semicolons today. And, whether you like it or not, writing does change each generation. Rules are there to be broken and bent until a new rule develops. Remember how much I hate the statement: because that’s what we’ve always done? So I’ve been thinking about reworking semicolons into my life.

Hey my grammar is bad to grammar snobs, but reads amazing to all the other millions on millions of people out there. And I’ve always thought semicolons were used by people who liked to show off they went to college. Maybe I got that thought from Kurt Vonnegut. I went to college, too, but I’m not exactly trying to prove anything to anyone about it. Check your insecurities at the door, semicolon! Often times I will rewrite a sentence so I don’t have to use the semicolon. Because hate.

It’s ironic I think the semicolon so silly when at the same time I use exclamation marks like they’re going out of style. I used to think semicolons were so serious, but now I’m beginning to see they guide the reader along. Can you teach an old dog new tricks?

Too long; didn’t read.

OK maybe not.


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One thought on “Calling all Semicolon Haters

  1. I’m in the opposite camp 😉 (see, there’s a fun use of the semi-colon)…I LOVE the semi-colon. One of my favorite books is “Eats, shoots and leaves.”


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